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SASHIMI                                                      $10.00

Yellow fin Tuna, topped with sizzling sesame

oil, lemon, ginger and green onion.

GRILLED OCTOPUS                                $12.00

With cubaces beans, tomato ragu and olive


SPICY TUNA TARTAR                             $10.00

Asian aioli, crispy rice, granny smith and

togarshi dressing.

BLACK MISO FISH                                   $14.00

Eggplant marinated in olive oil, then grilled,

topped with beans, pickled ginger , basil,

& seabass marinated in black miso.

CHICKEN LIVER PATE (G.F)                   $9.00

Home made curated pate paired with a sweet

granny smith chutney.

CAULIFLOWER (Vegan)                           $10.00

Our classic cauliflower sautéed with olive oil,

tahini and scallions over tomato salsa.

BEEF TENDERLOIN                                 $12.00

Juicy beef tenderloin served with sautéed 

mushrooms, & a balsamic reduction.

CAULIFLOWER TABULEH                    $11.00


Raw Cauliflower with herbs, radish,

sunflower seeds & cranberries. 

SEARED MUSHROOMS                          $10.00


Fresh mushrooms & champignons

over corn polenta.

SHRIMP SCAMPI (G.F)                            $21.00

Scampi with garlic served over garden

greens with parmesan cheese and a

lemon & olive dressing.  

MIXED GREEN SALAD (G.F)                  $10.00

A mix of garden greens served with parmesan & gorgonzola tossed in a balsamic dressing.

APPLE WALNUTS SALAD (G.F)            $10.00

A mix of garden greens served with blue

cheese, fresh granny smith apples,

walnuts & balsamic vinaigrette.

*Mandatory sales tax 13% & service 10%, not included in prices.

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